New Delhi!!

I made it to India!

Delhi is dirty, stinky and busy but also very interesting… I`m coughing all the time… so tomorrow I hope to get to Agra and the Taj Mahal to get some clean air…

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Another big train ride took me from Mashhad to Tehran. In Mashhad there was a big mourning over Imam Reza. I have been very lucky to be allowed inside the holy shrine. It was quite special to be in the second holiest place after Mekka. Tehran is… biiiig so I take it easy. The 5th of january at 22.10 I hope to fly to New Delhi..


Kerman and BAM

Today I hope to take the 15 hour train to Mashhad, holy city and burial place of Imam Reza. Together with my couchsurf host and friends we visited Bam that had been destroyed and partly rebuilt by an earthquake. We also visited the desert and the Kaluts which are amazing structeres made by the wind.271220132164 271220132165 271220132166 271220132167 271220132168 271220132169 271220132170 Yazd 1 Yazd 2 Yazd 3 Yazd 4 Yazd 5 Yazd 6

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Shiraz, Esfahan and Yazd

Shiraz brought me to very friendly host Nima and his cousin Sarrah. They showed me around town and together we went to world famous Persepolis. We played chess and Nima beat me in the last game so that made me happy. He dropped me of at the nightbus to Esfahan where I had a great 3 days with another Nima who gave me a good look in his life. The first night I played on a big party and sang for maybe a 100 people. It was amazing and woman don`t always were scarves in Iran… The next day I took a full day to enjoy Esfahan and the beautifull square and nice bazar. In the evening I played for Nima`s friends and family and had a very good dinner. Thank you again! The last day I was lucky because Nima had contact who managed to get me on the direct train to Yazd for free. Nima thanks for everything, hope your business and lovelife will florish. Wish you the best, it was great. Yazd brought me to Mostafa and his friendly family. Yazd is a historical and quite amazing town where there`s a lot to see. Tomorrow I hope to go to Kerman.



After some amazing adventures with Saeed and Hamed in Urmia and Kermanshah I arrived at Mohsens place and family in Ahvaz.

Posted from Ahvaz, Khuzestan, Iran.


Pictures road from Erzurum to Urmia

Iran is amazing! Tomorrow I hope to take a night bus to Kermanshah


I am in Iran!!

After visiting cold, cold Erzurum we had some amazing hitchhiking to the Iranian border. Crossing the border was interesting but not really hard because of my visum and the visum for India. The same night we ” hitched”  to Urmye where we met our enormously friendly host Saeed. Hitchhiking is unknown in Iran and all cars are taxis… it was hard but mostly due to Ulgens Turkish we made it. Unfortunately Ulgen left this morning… she found a job in Turkey that she couldn`t refuse. So… I`m travelling alone but… friendly Australian Patrick gave me an Iranian Lonely planet and his sim card so even with the very very small money I have I might make it and enjoy Iran untill the 5th of january when my flight from Tehran to Delhi is going. Pictures might follow…

Posted from Urmia, West Azarbaijan, Iran.


From Istanbul to Trabzon

Many hıtchıng adventures on the way through Ankara, Hattusjas and Trabzon.

Tomorrow we hope to leave direction İran

Posted from Çayırlar, Trabzon Province, Turkey.


Road through Greece and to Istanbul

After the ferry I got a rıde from a frıendly trucker all the way to Tessalonıkı. Greece was raıny but ofcourse very beautıfull. I was happy to be back agaın even though ıt was for a short tıme. Met frıendly people on the road even though the hıtchıng wasnşt always easy. Then at the border I met Turkısh gırl Ulga. Together we hıtched ın the dark to Istanbul whıch was really easy compared to all the road beore. Now the plan ıs to go to Ankara today and after to Trabson for the Iran vısa.

Posted from Istanbul, Istanbul Province, Turkey.


My frıends ın Foggıa and the road to Barı

I took the free traın (all traıns ın Italy are free untıll they kıck you out) and got kıcked out ın Pescara (so ımagıne Fırenze Pescara for free) there I made musıc and vısıted the beach. I slept on the parkıng near the statıon. Next day I took the traın agaın and got kıcked out ın Foggıa where I started to hıch agaın and met Flavıo ın hıs Fıat.

He took me together wıth hıs frıend Allessandro to hıs house ın the beautıfull coastal mountaıns near Foggıa. I played at a partyş we drummed and made musıc together and ıt was really great. Foggasıas come from Foggıa so thats what we eat there. Afterş Flavıo brought me to Barı! Thanks man! and I took the ferry to Igomenıtsa Greece. What a good tıme! Hope to meet you guys agaın one day!

Posted from Foggia, Apulia, Italy.